For a richer experience, read this timeline while listening to a symphony

Fellow Funder’s project starts as a duet formed by Francisco Mariscal and Guillermo Azqueta. They left their positions at Banco Santander to launch the Fellow Funders adventure and start the beta version of the Equity Crowdfunding platform.

The cornerstone of the first movement: Crowd Investment.

Thanks to the complicity and the desire to fulfill their resolutions, this duet turned into a quintet with the incorporation of Ernesto Muñoz, Oscar Valles and José Fernandez. After meeting the first “compositor”, the 1st February 2017 they created their first work:  the exit of the first round on the Equity Crowdfunding platform.

The second Fellow Funders’ movement is created: Alternative Assets.

The number of partners increases reaching the rank of “chamber orchestra” with the incorporation of Stéphan Maisons, Ricardo Ruipérez and a team of more than 25 people. The last two movements of Fellow Funders are created: Fair Value, a tool to make the valuation of start-ups and projects easier. It aims to offer our clients a more complete service. The tool receives funding from the program of investigation and innovation “Horizonte 2020” of the European Union.

A symphony would not be completed without its last movement: Capital Markets. The necessary services are established in order to allow the companies to list on the Mercado Alternativo Bursátil (MAB) of the Madrid Stock Exchange and the license as “registered advisor” of MAB is achieved.

The group is expanded with 2 new members: Mariano Colmenar and Gonzalo Albero. The program of ambassadors in Spain and Latin-American begins. A delegation is opened in the North and East of Spain. Capital Markets expands its offer as Listing Sponsor of Euronext and obtains the OTC approval (USA). This allows it to offer its clients a wider range of solutions in the capital markets, both in Europe and the United States.

Fellow Funders launches its activity in the non-Spanish speaking markets and launches its new umbrella brand. Furthermore, its divisions are reorganised to offer its clients a more harmonious offer under The Finance Symphony.

What’s next? A lot more to come in the next months…