Sustainability White Paper for SMEs

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What can I do to promote responsible investment in my company? Is sustainability a way to increase shareholder value?

Sustainability is here to stay. In order to achieve an environmentally conscious economic model, companies will have to start disclosing non-financial environmental information, whereas institutions will have to implement fiscal measures to shift tax burdens towards pollution.

The investment world is responding, and more and more institutional investors are joining the responsible investment trend. In fact, BlackRock, the world’s largest asset manager, claims that sustainability has become a critical factor in generating long-term value for companies.

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 Tips to understand Socially Responsible Investing

The benefits of implementing ESG criteria

ESG Reporting Standards

 “ESG Fellow Funders: Commitment, Validation and Monitoring” Model

“The implementation of ESG criteria and its reporting should not be seen as an imposition, but as an opportunity to improve the internal management of the company, its competitive advantages and its profitability.”

According to the predictions of the United Nations, we will need two planets by 2030. Everyone is aware of the dramatic situation the Earth is facing, however, do we know how can an SME contribute to alleviating this situation?

The European Green Pact strengthens the basis for investing in sustainable economy. Fellow Funders, as a financing channel, is particularly sensitive to the implementation of sustainability policies in companies’ business plans. It is time for your company to become more sustainable, one that contributes greater value to its shareholders and cares for the planet.

To this end, we are pleased to present the Sustainability White Paper for SMEs, a reflection of our commitment to the environment and the sustainable world. This free guide explains the importance of Environmental, Social and Corporate factors for the business-society tandem, and how companies can implement them in their business.

Participate in the change with Fellow Funders! This White Paper provides all our accumulated expertise to help your SME join this sustainable roadmap that will inspire the present and the future.

Sustainability White Paper for SMEs

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