What is BME Growth?

The BME Growth (former MaB) is a market oriented to companies with reduced capitalization that seek to expand, with a custom regulation, designed specifically for them and costs and processes adapted to their characteristics.

The BME Growth is a multilateral trading system (MTF). Four types of companies are listed: companies in expansion, SICAVs (Variable Capital Investment Companies), SOCIMI (Real Estate Investment Companies) and ECRs (Venture Capital Companies). It is directed and managed by Bolsas y Mercados Españoles (BME) and supervised by the Spanish National Securities Market Commission (CNMV).

Currently, it has 40 companies in expansion and 68 SOCIMI. It is worth mentioning that of these, a total of 11,971 million euros is invested by SOCIMI and 1,352 companies in expansion.

BME Growth, in depth


Characteristics of BME Growth

n Aimed at small-cap companies looking to expand

n It has a tailor-made regulation

n Costs and processes adapted to their characteristics

n Two segments of companies: companies in expansion and SOCIMIS


Requirements for joining BME Growth

n Being a Corporation

n Complying with transparency requirements

n Commitment to inform the market

n Appoint a Registered Advisor and a liquidity provider

n Shareholding diffusion: shareholding packages of less than 5% of the share capital must represent a value of more than 2MM


Additional documentation:

n Emitter’s Guide

n Requirements and procedures for incorporation

n Information to be provided by listed companies

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