The fourth business unit of our symphony is Capital Markets (PMS Advisory), where we advise SMEs and SOCIMIS on their incorporation into the stock markets and more specifically the BME Growth (Spain), Euronext (Europe) and OTC (United States).

Fellow Funders Capital Markets (PMS Advisory) is an independent capital markets advisory firm, which supports innovative companies in financing their expansion through stock market listing and initial public offerings in Spain, Europe or the United States.

We provide our clients and their shareholders and venture capital clients with independent advice, enabling them to make decisions at all points in the listing process.

We are a Registered Advisor to the BME Growth (Madrid), a Listing Sponsor of Euronext Access, Access Plus and Growth (for the Paris, Lisbon and Brussels markets) and an OTC Preferred Partner.

Services we offer


Unlisted companies

Fellow Funders offers to accompany growing companies at the beginning of their development in order to gradually reach preIPO/POPS standards.

We provide IPO readiness assessments, structure and corporate governance reviews and capital market entry strategies tailored to your company’s needs.

We also support the raising of private capital from the initial phase and Pre-IPO (Crowd Investment) to Phase C (Alternative Assets).


Pre-IPO Companies

Going out into the capital markets represents an important milestone for any company.

Our experience allows us to assist the IPO candidate in every step of the listing process, from market strategy and advice, to process planning, documentation writing, third party selection, and dealing with regulators and stock exchanges.

Whether you want to list in your home market, abroad or dual-listed, Fellow Funders Capital Market is your partner.


Listed companies

Many companies are still not optimizing their stock price. Fellow Funders can help you maxizime the benefits of being listed.

Our extensive experience in the European and US capital markets allows us to provide insightful strategies to listed companies, including advice on investor relations, capital increases and other corporate transactions such as market updates, cross-border listings, M&A, dual-listing, or exits.

What are the advantages of being listed on the alternative capital markets?

n Alternative source of financing

n Prestige with stakeholders

n Company’s reputation in the market

n Objective assessment

n Currency for possible acquisitions

n Employee Compensation Tool

n Professionalization of management

Who are the accredited capital market providers?


Registered Advisors (BME Growth Madrid)

Registered Advisors are independent banks or advisors that must ensure that issuers listed on the BME Growth properly comply, both from a formal and substantive perspective, with their reporting obligations to the management company and investors. Law 5/2015, of 27 April, on the Promotion of Business Financing, has made provision in the regulations of multilateral trading systems to include the figure of the Registered Advisor.

euronext recuadro@2x

Listing Sponsor (EuroNext Paris, Lisboa, Bruselas and Amsterdam)

Listing Sponsors /Advisors are independent banks or advisors that support companies in their incorporation to Euronext markets. They are accredited by Euronext and their role and status are designed to support investor confidence in the company. The Listing Sponsor is a key player for companies and investors, acting as the main contact between the issuer and Euronext.

What are the functions of the capital markets provider for the IPO?

The registered advisor, listing sponsor or OTCQX sponsor has the following functions:

  1.  Provide professional guidance to the issuer on creating investor demand as they build long-term relationships.
  2. Advise on how to strategically enhance interest in the company
  3. Help companies to discern what information is important to the market and should be disclosed to investors.
  4. Lead and coordinate a team of professionals including legal, financial, tax, audit, real estate (for SOCIMI), corporate communications and a liquidity provider.
  5. Prepare the informative document of incorporation to the BME Growth (DIM), EURONEXT and OTC markets (Information Document and Application Form).
  6. Provides a professional review of the company’s disclosure and educates the company to understand its responsibilities under the rules of the capital markets.

Which companies can be listed on alternative capital markets?

– Startups with a high technological component

Characteristics of BME Growth, EURONEXT and SOCIMI

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