The third unit of our finance symphony is Alternative Assets. We help companies to develop and maximize their value in the market, providing proven expertise in financial markets and a wide network of investors. We advise from start to finish, accompanying companies throughout the process, in strategic and financial operations that allow them to transform and boost their business through innovation and internationalization. Because we understand that long-term relationships foster opportunities and more personalized services, Fellow Funders provides solutions to address the strategic challenges that are facing companies and their shareholders. Trust the team of professionals at Alternative Assets by Fellow Funders to maximize your company’s value.

These are our services


Financial Consulting

Improve your company’s financial situation through operations that allow you to rebalance the composition of your balance sheet, taking advantage of the services of highly qualified financial professionals with a dedication that is adjusted to the size and needs of your company.


Strategic development

Help in making the right strategic business decisions, with the support of our team of experts.


Mergers & Acquisitions

Get the optimal valuation and maximize your negotiating power in operations of corporate development, diversification, expansion, etc.



We look for business and investment opportunities for you, defending your interests, representing you on the boards of directors.


Real Assets

Our strategic real estate and renewable energy advisory services, managed by recognized industry experts and supported by a multidisciplinary team, allow us to structure complex transactions that address the financial, tax and equity issues of these transactions. Our in-depth knowledge of the market enables us to identify opportunities of interest to our clients.

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